The Buck Stops

The buck does stop here.

If you are reading this post, you may be doing so in reference to the yearbook issue-or issues. We on the yearbook staff acknowledge that the 2007 yearbook has many errors and we are not proud of them.

Yet, I am proud of this yearbook staff. They gave many hours outside of class time to produce the book under many varieties of adverse conditions.

I am also pleased with the effort of our yearbook salesman. When things were going very wrong, he gave us three days of dedicated service, on our premises, before taking the whole yearbook to work on it from his home.

A perfect storm descended on the 2007 yearbook. And in its wake we have a less than perfect result. As yearbook advisor I take full responsibility. Next year’s book will be leaps and bounds better.

If you wish to talk with me about the details, blog me. Or I can be reached at 489-2271.   

English 1 quiz, pretty much

Answer on a seperate sheet of paper.

The first thing we’ll do is a little vocab:










2. Name two instances where symbolism was used.

3. Describe at least three instances where class discrimintion was exhibited. Use quotations.

4. Name at least four conflicts in the play and what issue(s) did they bring to light.

5. Again, use examples to explain positive and negative reinforcement.

 6. Prepare an elevator speech (sixty seconds) an explain why The Miracle Worker is an important play.

Just checking in

I mentioned Friday that I would blog on Sunday. I am glad I said that, because it forced me to go through the material on pages 99 through 109 from English Workout #2. 

The big question is: did you go through the material on pages 99 through 109? If you did not, why?

I was interested to note that question #7, from workout #2, was different in the explanation than in the workout quiz!!! Do you see the difference? Nicole and Laura, remember I was having a  tough time with that one?

PLEASE note that in the explanation section (on pages 99 through 109) they include mystery question #16…HUH! Anyway, whenever you come across a question such as the mysterious #16, save it for last if at all possible. It is what we used to call a “time suck” in debate…something there to use up all your time, that could be spent on more important things (questions).

Remember SEVENTY  questions…FORTY minutes.

See you manana,


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The Object is Objectivity

One of the terms we hear about continually in the political discussion is “bias.” As a journalist, one should seek to tell the truth, only. On Friday we will briefly discuss objectivity, after you read the link article.

After you finish reading, you may use the time to your benifit, or we can quiz the objectivity…


Preview of State of the Union

Tonight President Bush will deliver the annual State of the Union speech. The White House always lets the press know the basic details of the speech ahead of time. Read the link story.

Inside of the story is another article about business executives looking for solutions to global warming ( a topic some of you broached during the last assignment).

So read the link article and the article about business executives looking for solutions to global warming. We will have a graded discussion at the end of class.

 Good Luck,


Who dunnit?

As you read The Pearl, please carefully analyze the end of the story. Keep the setting in mind, and pretend you are a district attorney in charge of prosecuting the case.

The purpose of this posting is to dicuss the situation over the weekend. A comprehensive  test will be on Tuesday.

Have a good weekend and don’t get hurt!